I came up with the pseudo-Japanese, sort-of-pun “Geekido”, meaning “The Way of the Geek”, back in 2001. At the time, I could find no other use of the term on the Internet. Later, I found one mention in a comment of a forum somewhere.

Geekido.org started life as a personal page about the “Geekly Lifestyle”. Originally it was a wiki right at the main page. Until recently, the wiki was still around in the “Links” section, but I had to remove it due to security issues.

In 2007 my wife and I started a side-business, Geekido Enterprises, LLC. At that point, geekido.org became my “business personal” page. By “business personal” I meant it to have the flavor of a personal page, but with the content focused to topics within the sphere of technology. In 2010 we shut down Geekido Enterprises, LLC. and geekido.org went back to being a personal blog – then saw no new content for six years!

Since that time we’ve been busy with a lot of creative endeavors, from music to cake decorating, from micro controller gizmos to paper craft. We’re always doing something creative, but we found we aren’t doing enough of one creative thing consistently enough to make a dedicated brand of it. So, in anticipation of Intervention 7, we created “Geekido Studio”, the catch-all for anything and everything creative. This blog is now the jumping-off point to the various sites where you can find our creations. And it may be that we start creating new posts, as well.