We have completed the 2017 RPM Challenge with our Geekido Chiptune Album Player, or G-CHAP.

The G-CHAP features two Arduino Uno boards, one to generate the music, one to run the visualizer. (Technical reasons prevent performing both these tasks with the same processor, for the types of LEDs in the matrix we used.)

An SD card shield lets us read the album and song data off of an SD card. An SD card with files in the correct format becomes the “album”.

The user interface is - none. You plug it in, it starts playing the album, each song in order.

Complete with a hand-crafted, spray painted, craft stick case, because we ran out of time to do a 3D printed case for this project.

G-CHAP front view G-CHAP back view
G-CHAP uncovered view rear angle view G-CHAP uncovered top view